• Where the "Social" takes place on the court

    At the Pickleball Social Network, we are passionate about facilitating the active fun and

    face to face interaction that takes place on a Pickleball court.

  • Our vision

    We believe in uniting top non-profit organizations, technologies and visionaries to promote social activities that involve face

    to face interactions, games and activities. We believe Pickleball is one of the greatest social games ever created.

    It combines opportunities for meeting new friends, for exceptional inter-generational play, for exercise and for quality time away from computers and phones.

    Global Pickleball Promotion and Member Connectivity

    Our goal is to work with municipalities and governments to emphasize the importance of parks and outdoor facilities in order to provide ample opportunities for active play. We focus primarily on promoting the game of Pickleball.


    See PickleballPosse.com

    Homebuilder / Developer Partnerships

    We look to work with developers and homebuilders to solve residential challenges regarding exercise, walkable spaces and community/neighborhood investments to promote inter-generational activity and play.

    We actively support these teams with strategic thinking and access to best practice planning resources and consulting to enable superior execution of active/Pickleball facilities.

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  • We're hiring!

    We always strive for the best.

    Engineering - Full Stack Engineer

    • Improving our backend infrastructure and database schema to help the PickleballSocialNetwork better utilize company and fund data (including migrations, query profiling for performance indexes, logging, improving the reporting and job management system).
    • Writing additional ETLs to gather, structure, and normalize data from new and existing sources for our database.
    • Creating additional internal APIs to expose this data to front end applications.

    Promotional / Marketing Analyst - Partnerships & Research

    • Cultivate a network of Pickleball experts. The analyst will maintain a set of “pick up the phone” relationships with the most influential people in the space (e.g. Paddle vendors, Clothiers, Tournament directors, USAPA, etc.)

    Marketing Coordinator - Social + Content + Research

    • Ad hoc research. Perform business and technology research on Pickleball growth, emerging markets, companies, scholastic involvement, etc. Assist in the maintenance of social channels using the "Posse" voice while interacting with customers. Work with the Marketing Director on exceptional Pickleball content creation. 
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